Monday, 5 May 2014

What's in my bag?

a.k.a 'swiggity swag, what's in the bag?'
Primark Bag- £8
 Primark Purse- £4
I recently bought this new purse because it's simple and small enough to fit in the new, smaller bag I bought. Here are some of my favourite beauty cards and the ticket from Billy Elliot which I'm currently keeping in my purse (for the mems lol).
Topshop Lipstick- Beehive
 As every beauty blogger should, I have a little stash of lips products going on. My favourite lip balm plus two others to keep me going. 
Top tip: I've linked the Blistex Relief Cream to Boots but you can get it for £1.99 in Home Bargains.
 I also have my Tangle Teezer and some root booster for every hair eventuality apart from getting rained on or an attack of the grease monster. 
 One also has to get the face in check with a concealer, powder and a brush. This was originally an e.l.f powder brush but the handle came off which now makes it the perfect size for my dinky bag. 
And last of all my keys and a teeny tiny little Elie Saab perfume sample from Escentual.

I'm not gonna lie, what's in my bag posts/videos aren't my favourite type of post but it seemed like a staple post to have up on one's blog so here it is. I hope you all like it and see you soon! 
Lots of love, Annie xx

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