Sunday, 27 July 2014

Outfit of the Day #17


H&M Playsuit- £14.99 - also comes in other patterns!
H&M Bag/Clutch- £12.99 
(Once again couldn't find anything on the H&M website, sorry!)
Primark Shoes- £14
Primark Ring- £1
Midi Rings- Old
Cat- Milo

Before anyone freaks out, yes that is my bare flesh. It's been so hot in England recently that even I've had to resort to getting the legs out. I've found a fake tan I like (more on that in a future blogpost) and sweating to death is not something I enjoy so I bought this playsuit on a total whim as it seemed like a cool lightweight fabric. I love the high neck and the casualness of the drawstring waist (It also has a huge open back but I forgot to take pictures of it). I put it with these Primark sandals as the slight heel makes the horror of having my legs out a little less amplified. I then took this clutch with me because I love the pattern and the blue went with my nails. It was a family friend's 50th birthday party which is why this looks a little more dressed up however paired with some flat shoes and attaching the strap to the bag it becomes a much more wearable, casual outfit. And I love love love it. 
Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Topshop Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Hello all and welcome to another of my feeble attempts to blog more regularly. Today I wanted to show off my new sunglasses. I am a firm believer in cheap sun protectors with £2 worth of Primark's finest serving me well for years. While some might not consider £16 a lot for sunglasses, it is a stretch for me- my current faves are £3.99 from new look. But when I was in Topshop I pondered how the cat eye shape would look on my face shape i.e heavily circular. Turns out I absolutely love how they look; they're huge which I think makes my face look smaller (wishful thinking) and the sharp angles help with my completely non angular jaw etc. they have a really nice matte gold detail on the arm and I think the tortoise shell design is really flattering as it's not too harsh (although they also come in black). Overall they sit really nicely on the face and I think I need to get over my unwillingness to spend money on sunglasses as in the long run it's probably better for the eyes and they feel as though they'll last me for years. Thanks for stopping by, I'll (hopefully) see you soon! 
Lots of love, 

Friday, 18 July 2014

New York Wishlist!

Untitled #16

Oww gaawwddd here I am once again feeling guilty for not blogging enough. lol soz.
Anyway at the end of July I will be going to New York and I could not be more excited. Mainly to be in the most amazing city in the world but also.... the makeup. The drugstores. SEPHORA. I decided to make a (not so) little wishlist of just some of the products I hope to find while I'm out there. I'm convinced I'll end up buying much more and probably won't get everything on this list but it's making me so excited that I don't even care. Goodbye savings.
I'm not going to bore you by writing about everything I want to get so I decided to just mentioned a few key things that I'm most looking forward to getting my grubby mitts on. 
Tarte: Tarte is absolutely everywhere at the moment but is still a bit of a pain to get in the U.K. There are so many products which sound super interesting but the ones I really want to get are one of the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blushes, the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Full Coverage Foundation and the Sculptor Contouring Slenderizer (which is in the colour Park Avenue Princess, so clearly it's meant to be). 
Bite Beauty: You know that thing where you've never heard a word before and then suddenly you hear it everywhere? Well that happened to me with this brand. I love the packaging and I really want to try one of their lipsticks because it seems like they have a lot of really nice shades to chose from.
I'm also really excited for the drugstores to try brands we can't get here (Milani, Almay etc) and also products that are yet to arrive in the U.K such as the Maybelline Elixirs and the Revlon lip stains. 
I'm gonna stop now so this doesn't get too long but thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon! P.S. That is not me making any kind of promise to blog more regularly. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Few June Favourites

It's time for another favourites post ladies and gentlemen! Keep on reading to find out more!
When I am out and about during the day touch-ups are a must. I go on my break at work and take a look in the mirror and realise I have looked customers and colleagues in the face with some kind of oil spill going on around my t-zone. Enter my new do it all brush. Its compact so is perfect for whatever bag size I go for, it blends in concealer/foundation really well (even if it is rather big for the nooks and crannys of the face) and it is also really good for applying powder. Now you know why it looks so gross and dirty. It does everything I need it to, namely making me look acceptable to face the world.   
Next time I say something negative about Miss Selfridge will someone remind me that I have featured two Miss Selfridge items in my last two favourites posts. Also both coin necklaces? God, get a bit of variety, Annie. I actually bought this necklace for my friend for her birthday (because I buy people presents based on what I like for some reason) but I ended up really wanting it for myself so I went out and bought another one. Oh well. I think it's really classy and pretty and it's not too delicate but it's also not a statement necklace. It's a nice inbetween. 
I'm sure you've all heard so much about this powder and I'm here to report that the hype is real. There's something about the way it looks on the skin that is so gorgeous. It's really natural looking and not over the top at all. Just a top notch bronzer.

Sorry there aren't many favourites this month but these posts could get seriously long if I featured as many products as people do in youtube videos etc. Anyway thanks for stopping by and I hope you come back soon. Lots of love,