Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hair Empties

Today, when I was standing in the shower surrounded by a million empty shampoo bottles I realised it was time to do an empties post. Here are all the hair products I've finished recently along with reviews of each! 
A couple of months ago I had my hair ombred/balayaged at the hairdressers and wanted the ends a bit blonder. I bought this even though it's meant to be for natural hair which mine isn't but it's also not dyed so I don't think that makes a difference. You get gloves to put it on with but I gave up on those after a few applications. I've used the whole bottle and I think my hair is a bit lighter. It is no way neeaaarr as intense as a bleach or anything like that so it's not a quick fix for anyone wanting to go lighter. But it's also not damaging like a bleach would be. One thing that confused me is that it says 'no need to rinse it out' but it doesn't sink into the hair at all. You couldn't put it on then leave the house because it dries into your hair and makes it crispy and weird. Am I using it wrong? I don't know but I have to sleep with this on then rinse it out in the shower the next morning. I think I'll get this again and see if it just needs longer to properly see results. Update: I didn't realise they come in different shades for different hair colours and I have no idea which one I bought so I've got the one for my hair colour and will report back. 
I reeaallly like this shampoo and conditioner. I don't know what it is about them but my hair doesn't feel greasy and also feels really clean every time I use them. I really don't like the smell of these because they smell like mint (as in the plant) and I found it quite over powering when I first used them. I think I've got used to it now but it's not the nicest smell in the world. I'll definitely be buying these again.
I bought this as part of a 3 for 2 offer with the shampoo and conditioner and whilst I don't think it's a bad hair masque I'm also not completely blown away by it. I don't really notice much of a difference in the way my hair looks. I don't think you shouldn't buy it but I'm not saying you should buy it over any other hair masque for a similar price. 
I loved using this conditioner. It makes my hair feel really soft and lovely and I've already bought it again.  I don't really know if it keeps the brassiness at bay because my hair isn't white blonde so it's not as obvious whether purple shampoos and conditioners make that much of a difference. The only problem with this is the packaging makes it a little bit difficult to get the product out. Gives you a bit of an arm workout.         John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo
Like I said I find it hard to tell whether purple shampoos really work on me but I'm enjoying how my hair looks at the moment so I think this has helped. When I first got my hair done at the hairdressers I didn't think it suited me at all because it was quite yellow toned but I think it's more ashy now and it's probably down to this along with another purple shampoo. 
Enter said purple shampoo. I've been alternating between this shampoo and the John Frieda one and have really been enjoying the concoction. It's meant to be for grey, white or platinum blonde hair which I obviously don't have but I think it still works the same. I think this is the purple shampoo a lot of people use and it's cheap so I'll probably get it again.
Gum Hair Moroccan Argan Oil
I've mentioned this before because it is my holy grail hair product. It's £2.99 from Home Bargains and it is the most glorious thing in the entire world. You can't use too much of this stuff on wet or dry hair and I just feel like it solves all my hair woes (well.. not all, my hair's still shit but ya know)

And they are all my hair empties! Thanks for stopping by, lots of love,

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June Favourites

 Zara Kimono (Can't find it on the bastard website even though I ordered it off the bastard website)
This is my absolute favourite this month. I've been wearing it at every possible opportunity especially when the weather's been a bit nicer. I think the pattern is stunning, the colours in particular (makes a change from my usual all black ensemble). This is actually almost floor length on me, hitting just at the base of my calf but it's probably around the back of the knee/mid-calf on average size people. I'm literally obsessed with this at the moment. (It's £29.99 by the way)

I love a necklace. It's simple, it's cute, I'm on board!

I mentioned this blush in this post and have really been enjoying using it regularly. It's really hard to describe the texture of this product. It comes out of a pump so it's obviously not like a cream blusher you would get in a pot but it's thicker than a full on water colour blush. You really have to test it in a store to see for yourself. I don't think this product will be for everyone because it does take a bit of building up but if it's the kind of thing you're willing to work with it leaves a really gorgeous wash of colour that looks really fresh and pretty. You can build this product up to give more intensity but I quite like the sheerness of it. I don't know about the 12 hour claims but I do find cream blushes last longer on the cheeks. 
 My Macbook Pro
I know some people might not think its a big deal but I've never had a Mac before, only crappy laptops that break (my blog has seen 2 laptops die and I've only had it a year and a half) so this is really exciting. It's an early birthday present and I'm so happy with it. It's beautiful and will be so useful when I start uni in September.

Aaaaaand that's it! My favourites posts are never very long because I always like the same stuff as previous months and don't want to get repetitive but make sure you check out my previous monthly favourites to see everything I'm loving. Thanks for stopping by!

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