Saturday, 29 August 2015

The Perfect Palette Tag

charlotte tilbury dolce vita palette
I don't think packaging comes much better than Charlotte Tilbury. It feels so luxury and I love it so much.
zoeva cocoa blend palette
Best Colour Payoff: Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette 
A lot of the palettes I own have amazing pigmentation but I find the eyeshadows in this one are really pigmented without being over the top or hard to use. The shade 'bitter start' in the top left corner is the most pigmented white/cream shade I own. 
naked basics palette
Most Versatile: Naked Basics Palette
I don't really know why I've chosen this one. I think if you gave this to lots of different people they'd probably all come up with different looks and it probably suits everyone. Although personally I only really use this for one look... I may have misunderstood this question and regret my choice wholeheartedly. 
illamasqua multi facette palette semblance
I love this palette because it has everything you need for your face in one place. I love the highlighting eyeshadow shade for all over the lid, the bronze shade is perfect for the outer corner and it even has a decent black shade so you have a full eye look. It has the cream pigment in Hollow which I use daily and a gorgeous blush shade as well. I used the eyebrow cake for a while and would use it again should I need to. I don't use the highlighter but I can go without that. All that comes housed in sleek packaging with a big mirror. Perfect for travelling. 
smashbox full exposure palette
Ooooh man, what a waste of my hard earned Boots points. I'm actually struggling to remember why I didn't like this because I used it so few times so long ago. I think it all looks really nice, the shimmers look stunning but it just doesn't work on the eyes I don't think. I don't like the mattes, they were chalky (if I remember correctly) and it will probably never get used again (still won't get rid of it though).
theBalm Nude 'tude
Best Colour Names: theBalm Nude 'Tude Palette
I only realised when taking the photo that they all begin with an 'S'. Love it!
naked 2 palette
This might be surprising since the Naked palettes are such a cult product but I don't use mine half as much as I thought. I might have palettes I've used less (Smashbox Full Exposure) but when I bought this I thought I would absolutely love it and I just don't. It's never a palette I grab for, I don't really like the way my eye makeup looks when I use it. I'm glad I bought it so I could try it but it's not got the love I hoped for.
stila in the light palette
My sister bought me this when I was first getting into eyeshadow and it was the only palette I owned for a long time and as you can see it was well loved. I used up every last scrap of 'Kitten' and 'Sunset' is still one of my favourite shades but I use it as little as possible because you can't buy it separately and I don't want to spend £25 to get one eyeshadow. It's such good quality and I love it dearly.
charlotte tilbury dolce vita palette
I know I've said the same one twice but how could I not love this. It's perfection, I always love my makeup when I use this, it can do no wrong. 
makeup revolution eyeshadow palette
Because it contains my favourite eyeshadow of all time. I'd buy a new one to take to the desert island.

That's all the categories! I hope you enjoyed this tag and let me know what you think of my picks. Thanks for stopping by! Lots of love,


  1. You have made me really want to pick up the Stila In The Light palette haha, lovely post. :)

    1. It's such good value for money, 100% recommend! Thanks :) x

  2. The CT Dolce Vita palette is so so beautiful! I love CT products anyway but wow :)

    Just Little Things xo

    1. It's probably the most beautiful makeup product I own! xx