Wednesday, 10 December 2014

November Favourites

I'm feeling a little bit sheepish today after an unintentionally long absence from my blog. I have a list of excuses but I'm sure you all understand that sometimes things get a bit hectic and November was one of those months for me. Hence why I've only got two favourites for this post and they happen to both be Mac products. The first is a satin formula lipstick in the shade Twig which I wrote about in this blogpost. I found myself grabbing for it almost everyday because it goes with every makeup look and is so easy to wear. The next is a kohl eyeliner in the shade Teddy. This is another product I ordered from Fragrance Direct after hearing so much about it. I've been loving using this to line my tightline, a step I used to regularly miss out . It gives my eyelashes more impact and makes my eyes pop. I also like the way it lightly transfers on to my waterline as it intensifies the eyes even more. It's a gorgeous dark brown colour with shimmer running through it and the formula is super soft which is great but makes for lots of sharpening. 

That's pretty much everything for today. Apologies for the iffy photography and that I've reused the same picture in two blogposts but what can you do when it goes dark at four? Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon! Love,


  1. Twig looks gorgeous! It's never stood out to me in store but I might have to have another look! Just wanted to say I found your blog via Instagram and I've spent the last half hour reading through it haha, definitely one of my new favourites!


    1. I definitely recommend it. Aw thank you that's so sweet! Your blog is gorgeous too :) xx