Friday, 12 December 2014

First Impressions: Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow in Bronze

Today I have a first impressions post except I've worn it about 3 times already. But at least I have a more thorough idea about the product. When I first saw that Max Factor had released these eyeshadows I knew I'd end up with at least one. I'll go for anything remotely bronze coloured so the shade named 'Bronze' was obviously right up my street. It's looks amazing in the pot but sadly I don't think it transfers as well on to the eyes. As soon as it's blended out it just becomes sort of..... brown. The gorgeous colour in the pot gets a bit lost. I wanted this to have a wet look on the eyes and the name 'excess shimmer' would suggest that it would do but the only time I really noticed the shimmer was when the brown colour had started to wear off and gold glitter was left sticking around on my eyes. I've found the best way to apply this is by putting a bit on the back of your hand then using a brush to apply it to the lid as straight from the pot it goes on a bit patchy. In a cream eyeshadow I want a quick application but the mousse like texture and the darkness of the shade means it actually takes longer than a powder eyeshadow would. 
I'm starting to sound like a real negative nancy here, but I also think the price (£7.99) is a little steep for what it is. 
I have used this a few times so I obviously didn't hate it that much and I actually didn't realise I had that many bad things to say until I sat down to write this post. I'm sure I'll use it again at some point, possibly if I have longer to do my makeup one day and fancy a dark, smokey eye. 
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