Thursday, 10 September 2015

Autumn: Lipsticks I can't wait to wear...

Hey everybody! Today I'm going to be talking about the lipsticks that I can't wait to start wearing again this autumn. I am a bold lip girl through and through so I love that I can crack out the dark reds and berry shades at this time of year. 
Mac Diva: This lipstick is the most perfect dark red going. There are no berry undertones in this which I love and I also love the matte, but not drying finish. 
Mac Rebel: Rebel is such a popular shade and it's easy to see why. You can apply it full on for a dark purple or work it into the lips for a gorgeous but difficult to describe bright purple. 
Nars Audacious Lipstick in Olivia: This is another of my favourite dark red shades. You can read more about it in this post I did all the way back in January! 
Burberry Bright Poppy: I found this in Tk Maxx and I'm really looking forward to wearing it. It's matte and the perfect berry shade.
YSL Rouge Volupte in 18: My bestie Emily bought me this for my birthday last year and I'm so excited to wear it more this year. I'd say it's a glossy version of Mac Rebel in some seriously stunning packaging. 
Maybelline Color Drama in Berry Much and Red Essential: These are some of my favourite drugstore lipsticks, the formula, the shade range; I love everything about these and they will be definitely making an appearance in my autumn looks.

Sorry there weren't any pictures showing these on my lips but they're pretty much all matte and dark... I'd have no lips by the end if I attempted to take pictures of them all on.  Thanks for stopping by anyway and I hope you enjoyed this post! Lots of love, 


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    1. It's one of my favourite lipsticks, I really recommend it! :) x

  2. Replies
    1. You won't regret it if you do, I love it so much :) x

  3. All of these colours are stunning! Perfect for Autumn xx

    1. They actually make me look forward to autumn hahah :) xx

  4. I can't believe you found Burberry lipstick in Tkmax, not only that but in a gorgeous colour!
    xxx Claire