Saturday, 12 September 2015

Shop Dixi Little Luna Moonstone Ring and Enya Turquoise Ring

Hi everyone! I think it's time to admit that my penchant for Shop Dixi rings has turned into a full blown addiction. I've had two new additions to my collection of late and I thought I would share them with you today. On with the post!

shop dixi little luna moonstone ring
It was my birthday at the end of August and my best friend bought me this gorgeous piece of gorgeousness. I've worn it literally everyday since she gave it to me. The moonstone is a pale white/grey but in certain lights there are hints of blue which is really beautiful. It fits perfectly on my index finger (she sneakily found out what size I wore, I completely didn't clock on) and, being from Shop Dixi, it goes perfectly with all my other rings. Well done, Emily, well done. 

The Shop Dixi website had a Labor Day weekend (whatever that is) sale where there was 40% off selected lines and, let me tell you... one does not simply ignore a 40% off sale. I've wanted a turquoise ring for the longest time and while this is more on the green side of turquoise I still absolutely love it. I went for the smaller size which fits my middle finger so I can wear this and the previous ring next to each other which looks amazing in my opinion. 

I can pretty much guarantee that this won't be the last time I feature Shop Dixi on my blog. What can I say, I have a problem. I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by, lots of love,