Saturday, 19 July 2014

Topshop Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Hello all and welcome to another of my feeble attempts to blog more regularly. Today I wanted to show off my new sunglasses. I am a firm believer in cheap sun protectors with £2 worth of Primark's finest serving me well for years. While some might not consider £16 a lot for sunglasses, it is a stretch for me- my current faves are £3.99 from new look. But when I was in Topshop I pondered how the cat eye shape would look on my face shape i.e heavily circular. Turns out I absolutely love how they look; they're huge which I think makes my face look smaller (wishful thinking) and the sharp angles help with my completely non angular jaw etc. they have a really nice matte gold detail on the arm and I think the tortoise shell design is really flattering as it's not too harsh (although they also come in black). Overall they sit really nicely on the face and I think I need to get over my unwillingness to spend money on sunglasses as in the long run it's probably better for the eyes and they feel as though they'll last me for years. Thanks for stopping by, I'll (hopefully) see you soon! 
Lots of love, 

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