Monday, 12 May 2014

Showing the Love: Pastel Nail Varnish

Yoohoo! Big summer blowout? 
Today I am going to show you my favourite pastel nail varnishes because it's all about the pastels this Spring/Summer (apparently). I like to have a pastel colour on my nails since I tend to wear a lot of monochrome so it's nice to have some colour somewhere on my body. 
Lilacs and Lavenders always catch my eye and I couldn't resist this one from Revlon. You know when some nail varnishes look as though they're verging on pastel but they're not quite there? Well this isn't one of them. It's on the right side of pastel for me. Hurrah! I also really like the formula of these. I don't think it chips as quickly as some other nail varnishes but that could be a lie because all nail varnishes chip on me in less than a day.
This post wouldn't be complete and I wouldn't feel like a beauty blogger without including Essie's Fiji. It's one of those that once it's on your nails you can't stop looking at your hands and drinking drinks with your pinky finger sticking out. I don't wear it too often though because Essie nail varnishes seem to run out so quickly. 
 A mint green was a must in this post and I recently dug this out of my collection which resides in a box in a basket under my bed so as you can imagine a lot of my nail varnishes gets easily forgotten. I got this last summer and I think it's the perfect pastel green colour, I prefer it to Essie's Mint Candy Apply which is a cult favourite. The formula is really glossy and the brush is lovely and thick, however sadly this peels off my nails really easily. 
This is the newest addition to my collection. In my opinion the closer to white the colour is the better, especially when it comes to pastels and this one is an off white yellow which is a dream on the nails. It goes opaque in about 2 layers which is unusual for such a pale colour and I can imagine it looks amaze with a tan. 

That's everything for today! Thanks for reading, lots of love


  1. Really want to try that L'Oreal shade, it looks gorgeous! Cute post

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. I definitely recommend it! Thanks :) x