Friday, 30 May 2014

May Favourites!

Hi everyone and welcome to only the second favourites post I've done on this blog. For some reason I really struggle to think of my favourites or I've already talked about them and don't want to get repetitive but I managed to find a small but decent mix of things I've been loving this month so read on to find out what they are!
Sorry if these photos don't do the products justice, my laptop doesn't deal with photos very well :(. On to the actual product, which is my current favourite blusher. As you can see the adorable embossed flower is beginning to lose it's shape because I've been using it so much. The smallest amount leaves the nicest flush that goes with most makeup looks meaning you can wear this with a brighter lipstick and not look like a clown. Huzzah!
 Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette- £37
You could say I'm late on the bandwagon here but it's fate rather than me that have kept us apart. Then the makeup gods sent a 20% off Feel Unique code my way and I felt like I would never find it cheaper than £29 and clearly no one else was buying it for me so I ordered it. And as expected I love love love it. My other eye shadows haven't got a look in since I got this (even after confessing undying love for the new L'oreal eye shadows in this post). My favourite colours are Booty Call for the inner corner and then I love Half Baked, Chopper, Tease and YDK for the crease. And that's narrowing it down. 
 Scrunchies. Yes, SCRUNCHIES people. We have time travelled back to the 90s when scrunchies were all the rage (or to the noughties when I thought a scrunchie that matched my gymnastics leotard was the coolest shit ever). I saw my friend wearing one a couple of weeks ago and when I saw 3 for a £1 in Primark (the black ones) I got real excited and slam dunked them into my basket. The polka dot one is from Miss Selfridge and the floral one is from New Look. I don't have my hair up very often so these really encourage me to do something a bit different. And who doesn't love a bit of the nineties. 
Miss Selfridge Necklace- £7.50 (It's determined to not be on the website)
As a general rule when shopping I avoid Miss Selfridge. I find it overwhelmingly pastel, overpriced and not really my style. However every now and then I'll find myself in the Miss Selfridge section of a department store and this time around I spotted this layered necklace and really liked it. But then I saw that it was £7.50 and was disappointed because it's more than I like to spend on a necklace. I mulled it over and about a week later it was still on my mind so I broke the bank (£7.50 lol) and got it. And let me tell you I have got my moneys worth. I feel so boho-ey (real word) when I wear this and with a plain black top and lots of rings I love how it looks.

Thanks so much for reading, lots of love

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