Wednesday, 7 May 2014


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Wishlists are one of my favourite posts to do and I'll tell you for why. Numero 1: I don't have to take 50 photos of my own face in the hope that one will turn out remotely usable and numero 2: It's a way of saying 'look how good my blog would be if I had money'. But until the day comes when I can buy whatever I want without giving a second glance at my bank account (a girl can dream) I'll just have to show you what I would buy. 

1. My fingers are itching to buy these shoes from Asos. They are so me. There would be no sign of the old cankles in these babies, they don't even grace the ankles and that is a sight I love to see in a shoe.

2. There's a reason this clutch bag is so big on the page and that's because it's the item I want the most. £30 for a clutch bag is more than I would usually pay (because I never buy clutch bags) but I want it. Like really want it. I love that the slogan refers to absolutely nothing and it would be great to add interest to a plainer outfit. 

3. I really want some boyfriend jeans but I'm yet to come across a pair that are baggy enough for me because I want them like Jesse from Breaking Bad baggy (no spoilers, I'm on season 3). If I see these H&M ones in store I might try them on in a big size because I really like the rips and the colour of the denim.

4. A skincare product I'm interested in trying is this exfoliator from Indeed Labs. From what I can tell it comes out as a powder and you add water then apply it to your face. My skin has really improved lately and I just want it to keep on improving. 

5. At the moment, it's not a case of wanting new brushes, its a case of needing new brushes. Particularly eye brushes. If I'm doing a matte eye look I go to blend it out and end up making it shimmery because it's still on the brush from the day before or earlier in the week. There are two ways to go about solving this and they are a) wash my brushes everyday (HA) or b) buy new ones so I have some that are for shimmery shadows and some for matte and, quelle surprise, I'm inclined to go with the latter.

6. And lastly, a yellow bag for spring? Yes please.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon! Lots of love, Annie xx

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  1. Hey Annie! I love your blog :) I nominated you for a Liebster Award which you can read about here: I hope you accept! Thanks!