Friday, 2 May 2014

Outfit of the Day #12

H&M Jumper (Not on website)
Necklace (Similar here)

Today I've got a little outfit post because I've been wearing these trousers nonstop lately. They're perfect for work because they're black and comfy but they're also really easy to put on with a top and my favourite shoes and create a nice outfit for outside of work. I'd say it's quite a casual look but it doesn't look like I've rolled out of bed (at least I hope not). After the first two pictures were taken, typical of my bad luck (and possibly why I look ready to murder someone in the first photo), it started to rain. And then it started to pour so my tripod and I legged it back inside to take the next pictures hence my living room carpet. My midi rings arrived in an envelope the other day and once I've practically crushed the bones in the tips of my fingers trying to get them on they manage to look elegant even on the most sausage-like of fingers (e.g mine). I think they look nice with pastel nails and in my case the Bourjois So Laque Glossy nail enamel in 04 Amande Defile is serving me well.
 Anyway thank you for stopping by and please come back soon! Lots of love, Annie xxx

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