Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Ebay Collection Favourites

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I'm sure you'll all have heard about the Ebay collections that some well known bloggers/youtubers have been collating. I decided to have a gander around some of their collections and chose my 3 favourite pieces from each of their collections.
Becca Rose: From the board called 'The Slogan Tee' I chose this jumper with the word 'vague' written on it. I love a good sweater and I really like the font of the writing plus I don't think its a slogan that's going to be old next season. I also love these monochrome shoes as I have a white version and a black version so it would be like mixing the two together. And lastly this brush set is beautiful because it's pink and you get a lot for your money at £13.99.
Llymlrs: Who can resist a skort? Not I, thats fo' sho' (?) I think it would go really well with the jumper from Becca's collection. Obviously I'm feeling the monochrome at the moment because I really love the contrast in this bag. And last I picked these above the knuckle rings from the board 'Rings & Things'. Really cheap and from a reputable seller. I may have already purchased them.

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The Persian Babe: These trousers are originally from Zara and they are damn gorgeous. I also chose these midi rings because I have an obsession. I have two ring trays full of rings and midi rings and the collection is ever growing. I just love how dainty they are. The last item I chose is this gorgeous nude bag. Bit of a Celine knock off but who cares. I don't own a nude bag so it would be a nice change. 
A Thrifty Mrs: I really want to try more NYX products (but not until lent is over *cries*) and you can get them fairly cheap on eBay. I also want to try their cream blushes. Secondly I chose this brush because I need more eye brushes and it look a little bit like the MAC 217 brush. And finally a homeware item because I really like the knitted look plus colour blocking is in and all that jazz. 

I know that there are some bloggers collections that I've forgotten about such as Kavita from She Wears Fashion so I may do another post where I chose my favourites. If you've made any collections let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading! Lots of love, Annie xxx 

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