Monday, 21 April 2014

Skincare Routine Newbies

merumaya melting cleansing balmla roche posay hydraphase intense riche

clarins gentle exfoliator brightening toner
 Lately I've been having a skincare disarrrrrster. My skin has been really dry and itchy and any foundation I put on would cling to patches I didn't even think were that dry. Hence this mini haul/ new additions to my skincare routine. I have no reviews as yet but I think I will be doing some as I'm hoping to see some improvements in my skin.

After reading a huge amount of rave reviews about this product I decided to get it because no matter how bad my skin is I refuse to spend £34 on a cleanser (yes I mean you Emma Hardie cleansing balm). This is what most of the beauty bloggers have been calling 'budget'. I don't consider £14.50 a budget buy but it could be worse and if it works then it'll be worth it. I ordered this from John Lewis but accidentally ordered the wrong product because I'm a MASSIVE IDIOT and they exchanged it with no questions asked. John Lewis customer service is the bomb. 

I was running very low on a moisturiser I wasn't even liking very much so I took my sister's advice and bought her holy grail moisturiser while it was 1/3 off on Escentual (its actually 1/3 off french brands all through March, hello Bioderma). It's the first product I've bought from the range and I am ready for it to work its magic. 

This is another product recommended by my sister. That girl is such an enabler. Its the most expensive of the three at £20 (eurgh) on Escentual but its gentle for my sensitive skin and brightening for the dullness so its a double whammy. I was also running out of toner so it's allowed, honest.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you've tried any of these!
 Lots of love, Annie xx 

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