Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Outfit of the day #9

 H&M Top
Primark Skirt
Dorothy Perkins Shoes

I'm getting Spring started up in here! (cringe). This is so rare for me as I am a winter clothes lover and I'll probably be buried in a pair of tights. For years I have failed to make the most of the little sun we get in England but not this year. If this is the only sun we get then goddamn it Imma get my legs out. Kind of. I wasn't blessed with long thin legs (thanks mum) so it's not often they see the light of day. I am pasty white and used to sweltering in inappropriate clothing in the warmer months.
In comes the midi skirt. It's great for me because I can be an acceptable temperature without feeling self conscious and it cinches me in at the waist which is something I like in a skirt. I bought this one from Primark a little while ago but it should still be in stores since it is a summer/spring item. Wearing this skirt also means I can wear my white shoes for the first time as I didn't feel I could wear them with black tights. The heel on these is a decent height which makes me feel a little more confident about having my legs on show. 
Thanks so much for reading! Lots of love, Annie xx


  1. Love this outfit, such a gorgeous skirt and perfect for Spring! :-) xxx

  2. I am in love with the skirt, you look gorgeous!

    I sent you an email a couple of hours ago and just wanted to check if it sent to you, if not then please do email me from the contact details below :)

    1. Thank you so much! I have just this minute sent you a reply. Sorry I didn't reply straight away, I was at a Zumba class of all things! Looking forward to your reply :) xx