Monday, 7 April 2014

London Wishlist

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This weekend my family and I are heading down to London as part of my Mum's birthday present (which was actually in January). We are going to the theatre on Saturday evening but in the day there will inevitably be some shopping. I've been mentally making this wishlist for a little while. Every time I see something I like I add it to my London wishlist so I thought it was time solidify my lusted after products so I don't go too crazy. 
1. Because I absolutely need another coat. This one is from New Look and it's very similar to my other black boyfriend coat from New Look but this one is thicker and longer and more appropriate for the weather we're having. It's an essential really. 
2. Oh me oh my, I saw this top on Styla Petite's blog and it looked so nice on her. The colour is gorgeous and it's only £12.99 which is even better. It also comes in pastel pink, white and black. I think I would get the most wear out of the black version but the blue is stunning.
3. I spotted this top whilst in New Look looking for the blue top. In real life it's quite cropped and has a really nice drape to the fabric. This one is also £12.99. I would have bought it if it wasn't for my Mum's judgemental glare making me feel guilty for not saving my money.
4. I have been a lifelong hater of No.7 products. The packaging is boring, they don't come out with any original products, it's overpriced and if Boots force one more voucher on me I swear to lucifer I'm going to do more than screw it up and shove it in the bottom of my bag. However one product from No.7 has surprised me. I think it's mainly the packaging that excites me because it's so cute and fat. It's the most innovative thing I've seen come out of No.7 and I'm in the market for a new highlighter. Maybe one of those vouchers will come in handy after all.
5. This is the second time a Clinique Chubby Stick has featured in a wishlist of mine. They are seriously calling to me and it won't be long before I answer.
6. As a special 'I'm not in London everyday' treat I thought it would be nice to get a Mac lipstick to add to my collection of 1. It's a toss up between Please Me and Chatterbox but I can't wait to swatch away till my hearts content.
7. I'm not a Topshop girl. It makes me mad that if you have more money you're obviously going to have nicer clothes. But I have been in a couple of times recently and its undeniable, the clothes are gorgeous. I especially love this jumper and it's a snip at £29! *sigh*
8+9. These two jumpers are from another shop I am not a fan of; Miss Selfridge. It's like Topshop prices but the clothes aren't as nice. However I was in one the other day and it was love at first sight with the jumper on the left. The material is so soft and is right up my street with the style. I then spotted the jumper on the right on the website when looking for the aforementioned jumper. Another jumper that seems like it was made for me. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Lots of love, Annie xxx

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