Monday, 3 March 2014

Vintage Haul

In the town where I live there is a vintage market on the second Sunday of every month and this month my friend happened to have a stall so my other friend and I meandered down, paid our £1 entry fee and took to the stalls. It was really busy so hard to have a good look at everything but I managed to pick up a few things. There was so much on offer including clothes, jewellery and homeware. There was even a cupcake stall and a woman selling her own organic beauty range. Something that was really nice is that the stall owners let you take clothes and try them on in a little changing room, they just trusted you to bring them back which was something I really appreciated. 
My favourite item that I found is this tartan coat/blazer. It originally had shoulder pads in which I quickly yanked out and now it's perfect. It has a really modern and current cut whilst also being really 80s looking. I also got this necklace which my sister said looks like fish bones but I like how delicate and unusual looking it is.
And lastly from my friend's stall I got these sunglasses. They're coming up much more blue in the picture than in real life. They're actually a dark navy blue with a strip of gold. What I like most about these is that the frames are slightly square which suits my extremely round face. 

All in all I got some good finds and I can't wait to go back next month!
 Thanks for reading, lots of love,


  1. That coat is amazing- what a great find!
    Looking forward to you next post.
    Laura xx