Friday, 28 February 2014

February Favourites

Does anyone else find it really hard to think of their monthly favourites? I only managed to think of 4 but I didn't want to put anything in that I hadn't really loved. 
My first item is this lip product from Rimmel which is the perfect colour. It's a bright pink but its not over the top; I find I can easily wear it in the daytime without feeling silly. 
My next favourite is this eye crayon from Seventeen. The formula is really creamy and the colour is my favourite kind of colour for my eyes. It doesn't come out as dark on the lids as it is in the crayon but it gives a really subtle shimmer which is perfect for days when I don't want my eyes to be too dramatic. 
This month I've really got back in to using gel eye liner. I used to use it months ago and decided I didn't like it because I couldn't get the precision I wanted. My eye liner wings became so big I could have taken flight with them. However this month much to my horror I found my holy grail eye liner, the Collection Fast Liner, wasn't working out for me so I gave this another go. I think I've got the hang of it better this time around and I'm really enjoying using it. 

Non Beauty Favourite
I might not do a non beauty favourite every month but since I only have 3 favourite make up products I figured I could throw one in. I have chosen Miss Saigon because I have been listening to it for 3 months straight since I saw a school production in December. You'd think that would make me hate it forever more but it sparked a love affair that will continue for a very long time. My mum, my sister and I are going to see it in London in June and I might actually die of excitement before I even get to see it. 

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Lots of love, Annie xx

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