Wednesday, 26 February 2014


The urge to call this post 'FriTAG' (get it? get it?) was almost unbearable. 
Anyway I was tagged by the lovely Isobel to do this tag. It is designed for blogs with less than 1000 followers to help us learn a bit more about each other and build community spirit (?).
So, on with the questions!

1. What makes you want to blog?
When I first started reading blogs I never thought it would be something I could do but after a year or so I kept getting this niggling feeling at the back of my mind that I wanted to start my own. I tried to suppress the urge but eventually just thought 'f**k it, I've got nothing to lose'. I like having a place to talk about beauty and fashion as much as I like without feeling like I'm annoying my friends or family. 

2. Your morning skin routine?
Morning skin routines annoy me a little bit. Seriously, who has the time in the morning to put 20 different products on their skin? I don't even have a job and I don't have time for that. If I don't completely forget about morning skincare then I'll use a Korres 3 in 1 Cleansing Water that I found in TK Maxx. It saves time because it claims to cleanse, tone and soothe all in one. If my skin is dry at all I'll use The Body Shop Vitamin E moisturiser because it's nice and light so it sinks in quickly. This way I can get on to my makeup as soon as possible.  

4. A beauty product you can't live without?
This is impossible. I feel like I should choose something sensible like concealer or foundation but... lipstick, man. Would life be worth living without lipstick?  The answer is no. 

5. Your favourite drugstore makeup brand?
In my Liebster Award post I said Rimmel but I don't feel very strongly about any brand. I'm tempted to say Revlon instead. 

6. Your favourite high-end makeup brand?
I'm the same with high-end brands as I am with low-end. I don't have lots of products from one particular brand, I choose different products from a range of brands. My favourite foundation is Double Wear Light by Estee Lauder so I'm tempted to say that. 

7. What is your staple wardrobe item?
This may come as a surprise but.... black skirts. I know right who'd have thunk it? I'm sorry but they go with everything and I'm not into jeans or trousers (hello thunder thighs) so I get a lot of wear out of black skirts.

There was also an added question which I am going to answer:
 8. What is a product you wouldn't recommend?
A product that was really hyped and is still hyped now is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation but it doesn't do anything for me. I guess it looks okay when I first put it on but it doesn't last at all and I don't get the hype surrounding it.

And now I tag Luci, Molly and Melissa to do the tag :)

Thanks for reading
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