Monday, 3 February 2014


I decided to do a bit of a mash up of a lifestyle and haul post as this stuff was bought after my family and I went for a meal at Cafe Rouge. It was a really nice evening and I wanted to capture some of that with this post. It wasn't supposed to be a shopping evening but the shops are all open until 10pm in the shopping complex we were at so we went for a little gander around the shops which turned into a full on haul. 
 I took a little 'before' shot so you could see my makeup and hair. I had my hair up for once and didn't like it at all. The wind hit it as soon as I walked out the door and it was a frizzy mess for the whole evening. I had a Topshop lipstick in Wave Goodbye on my lips which is a nice baby pink colour (what else?) as I was eating so I didn't want anything high maintenance. Just one question...why so pouty?
Me and my sister (mollywishes) before we left. 
 I highly recommend the tear and share bread as a starter if you ever go to Cafe Rouge because it is absolutely delicious, I could have had a whole one to myself. For my main meal I had a burger which was also delicious. Cafe Rouge isn't my favourite restaurant but this was the best experience I've had in any of their branches. 
 We took a couple of spritz of Jo Malone while perusing Selfridges. The lady was really nice and my sister was tempted but her self control held up. We really liked the Peony and Blush Suede  and the Blackberrry and Bay colognes.
 This is the H&M shirt that I featured in my wishlist and my recent ootd.... yep.. already bought it and worn it. If you haven't figured it out by now my self restraint is at minus 5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

 These are my favourite items that I bought. I was running around H&M and saw the jumper and really liked it, then I saw the skirt and I knew I had to get both. I've been looking for a non plain black skirt and this one isn't plain black but it's not too far in the other direction either. I can't wait to wear these together, I think it'll make for a really cool outfit. I'm finally jumping on that trend. I can't seem to find them on the H&M website but the jumper was £14.99 and the skirt was £12.99
 I bought a bowler hat. I've never considered myself a bowler hat person but I'm really enjoying having this in my life. 
 I bought this Maybelline Color Show nail varnish in Peach Pie. Its a very pale pink which I am yet to use but they're only £2.99 which is such a bargain. I'm really loving this range at the moment. I avoided them at first because my sister told me they weren't very good. I don't why I believed her, she once told me baked beans were made of frog meat. They have a really nice shade range and are of good quality and pigmentation.
The last thing I bought was this Sleek Pout Paint in Powder Pink. I already have one in Pink Cadillac. I've only just started getting into them but boy do I like them. They're really moisturising but they have no shimmer or glitter in which is nice and the colour range is really great. 

That's everything I bought and I am really pleased with it all. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you liked the mash up of the lifestyle and haul type post. Thanks again for stopping by! lots of love,

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