Friday, 14 February 2014

What I wore to the Job Centre...

 Nice background am I right? Lets call it 'grunge' (Just be thankful I moved the bins)

H&M Jumper (£14.99) and matching skirt (£12.99)- Can't find them on the website.
Primark Top
Topshop Shoes

Some of you man have read in an older blog post that I have recently become unemployed. Well today was my first trip to the Job Centre and where some people might see it as an opportunity to slum it for a day, try and blend in with the locals (oooh stereotype), I decided to throw on a bright lipstick and an outfit I'd been dying to wear for ages. 
The collar is actually from a blue top with tiny polka dots on from Primark which happens to have a collar that fits perfectly through the neck of this jumper. I think its a nice addiction to the outfit and who can say no to a collar?

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