Friday, 21 March 2014

My Skincare Routine

I can't believe this is my first post about skincare. I thought my current skincare routine would be a good place to start.
 I start with Bioderma to get the bulk of my makeup off. I went for the Sebium H20 version because it's meant to reduce oiliness but I don't know if I've noticed much difference in my skin however it does get my makeup off really well.  
 I'm currently using this Body Shop Cream Cleanser in a cute little sample size. I don't think I'm going to buy the full size one though because it claims to be a softening cleanser but I end up with dry patches after I use it. Why is it doing the opposite of what it's meant to?
 Toners are the most uninspiring of all the skincare in my opinion. Hence why I spent about £1.50 on this Simple one because it does the job I need it to.
 Another product aimed at reducing oil. This time it's a moisturiser and I think I like it. It's pretty thick and heavy but that's good for night time. I would usually use Hydraluron before but it has disappeared off the face of the earth!
Last in my evening routine is the Body Shop Vitamin E Serum-in-oil. It's weird because it never really sinks into my skin, it kind of sits there for ages. But when I wake up my skin does feel really soft. 
A couple of little extras are from the seaweed collection at The Body Shop. I have the exfoliator and the clay mask and I use them about twice a week (not on the same day) and they make my skin feel ever so soft but I don't think anything will ever make my pores smaller. 

Thanks for reading, lots of love,


  1. Love this post! Amazing products you've selected.

    Have a wonderful day.


    1. Thanks so much :) You too! Lots of love, Annie xx