Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Review: Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick in Berry Much

When I first spotted this new release in Superdrug without having previously heard anything about them I launched my body towards the stand. While other people may be bored of the whole lipstick pen thing I am still very much on that horse. Especially if there is a plum shade in the range. I automatically wanted Berry Much but it was sold out. Then when my birthday rolled around on the 30th (happy birthday me) I was so happy to receive this as a present. Bless my mum for writing it down in her phone when I mentioned how much I wanted it but couldn't find it in stock anywhere. 
Anyway, on to the actual product and I am very happy to report that my mother didn't waste £4.99 on me.
 The formula of this lipstick is matte but creamy at the same time. By that I mean that there is no shimmer or gloss to be found when applied to the lips however I don't find it to be drying at all. My test for this is by wearing it to work. My lips get a little fugly looking after being subjected to air conditioning and that 'shop air' for hours on end so if a matte lipstick doesn't gather in strange places we have a winner on our hands ladies and gentlemen. When I caught sneaky glimpses of myself in the mirror I was so shocked at how nice it still looked. It had faded so evenly and not just in the middle which I often get (hello drag queen lip liner). 
The colour of this lipstick is also really intense. It's instantly opaque and I would recommend using a lip brush or your fingers if you want a more sheer wash of colour. That's the only thing I can complain about with this really. Once it's on there it's pretty hard to correct any mistakes without make up remover and you might as well forget about blotting because nothing will come off. I think the application takes a bit of getting used to because of this. However once you've nailed it it's a great little release from Maybelline and I'm surprised I've not heard more about them. 
There are 9 shades in the range which I think is rather impressive and if you're a matte lip lover on a budget I would really recommend giving these a go! Thanks for stopping by, lots of love,


  1. Love this colour on you! I dont know how I work at Superdrug and haven't seen these yet! Im still on the chubby stick hype aswell haha, love how easy they are apply and the formulas are always nice too. Lovely post, much love xxx

    1. Aw thank you :) They've been so under the radar, I've not heard anyone mention them at all! Exactly, some of my favourite lipsticks are in pencil form. Thank you xx

  2. Seems like a cool lip product to try out, great post