Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Worst Outfit of the Day EVER

First of all, I can only apologize for the horror show that is this set of outfit photos. Taking photos of yourself is much more difficult than I imagined. I won't be winning any medals in the #selfieolympics anytime soon.


  Black Smock Dress- Missguided (no longer available)
Necklace- New Look (no longer available, similar easily found on ebay)
Shoes- Asos (sold out)
Rings- Primark
Watch- Primark
Lips- Rimmel Apocalips in Across the Universe

I woke up today and thought 'Before I go out, I'll whip out the camera and take some outfit of the day photos' thinking it would take me about 15 minutes like the cocky little shit I am. How wrong I was. I ended up leaving the house almost an hour later than originally planned. I now have a new found respect for anyone who can take a half decent outfit photo because (clearly) I found it almost impossible. 
Anyway, in an attempt to move past the mentally scarring experience, let's talk about the actual outfit. I chose a plain black smock dress because the coat is the main piece of this ensemble and I didn't want too many patterns or colours going on. 
I'm head over heels in love with this coat. The second I saw it in the shop, the rational part of my brain started screaming at me that I didn't need another coat and I did manage to resist it.  For an almighty 2 days, that is. It is more than I would usually spend on any kind of clothing item and I did almost vomit over the card reader when entering my pin but I am very used to that feeling nowadays. 
The necklace was something I threw on just so the dress wasn't too plain and I think it really jazzes up a more simple outfit. 
These shoes are a recent addition to my collection but have already sold out on Asos. They are perfect for me because they don't cut my legs off at the ankle and they give me the height I love while not feeling like I'm wearing heels because of the platform. 

Any tips for taking better outfit photos? Please, dear god, let me know in the comments!
Any thoughts on my outfit?
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