Friday, 17 January 2014

First Impressions #1

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain

I bought this foundation yesterday on a complete whim. I've not read any reviews on it yet, I just came across it in Boots and there was a deal for £2 off meaning I got it for £4.99 (I think). What really attracted me to this foundation is the name 'stay matte' as, being of the oily variety, this is something I really look for in a product.
In regards to the coverage, I would say its a light to medium coverage but from what I can tell it seems buildable. I left it as quite a sheer coverage and used concealer on my blemishes and under eyes. I really liked the way it looked over most of my face as it has a really natural 'skin' look to it. However this leads me to my first negative. It really accentuated the pores on my nose which are actual caves. If you get close enough you can actually see the stalactites and stalagmites. However the Stay Matte Primer is coming out soon so maybe that will minimize the look of pores before applying the foundation.
Moving on to what the foundation is actually meant to do- keep oil at bay. I think it did a decent job. I was out for a good 5 hours today and I didn't feel the need to frantically apply powder after accidentally catching a glimpse of my face in a shop window. 
Lastly, I want to talk about the shade of this foundation (010 Light Porcelain) because I feel like this colour was made for me. I've never had a foundation so perfectly matched to my skin tone and this is the most surprising thing about this foundation for me. Rimmel foundations have always been too dark for me (I'm looking at you, Wake Me Up foundation) and I suspect for anyone else who is remotely pale.  
Overall, I am pleasantly surprised with this whim purchase. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first as the Stay Matte powder does absolutely nothing for me but this is something that I will continue to use, it'll just have to be a concealer job on the old bat caves. 
Have you tried this foundation? Throw me a comment telling me what you think!
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  1. I have been thinking about purchasing this and your skin seems similar to mine, from how you describe it! I think I might have to buy it for myself and give it a go. Lovely post xxx

    1. I hope you like it if you do buy it, it's so good for the price :). Thank you so much! (and thanks for being my first comment ever eek!) xxx