Tuesday, 14 January 2014

My First Review: The Body Shop Eye Palette

I figured that for my first post I would do a good old fashioned review. However to make it a little bit different I have chosen a product that I am yet to see mentioned in the beauty blogger world- it's the Body Shop eye shadow quad in 01 Smoky Brown.

It has three shimmery shades and one matte shade which is the dark brown colour. The lightest shade is perfect for inner corner highlighting while the other three are great for crease work. In terms of my favourite shade, it is a toss up between the top right and bottom left as these are both lovely bronze shimmery colours which are my go-to eye shadow colours for creating subtle smoky looks. 

Regarding pigmentation, I think the three darker colours are more pigmented than the lighter colour in that I feel like I have to put more layers of the lighter colour on my eye for it to show up. However once it is on it creates a really nice highlight without being too 'LOOK AT MY INNER CORNERS' about things. This palette also comes with two little brushes which I am yet to use therefore can't comment on. 

The price of this palette (£15) is not overly expensive however I also wouldn't consider it cheap making it a kind of in-between price. I feel like considering this cost above £10 I should probably reach for it more on a daily basis as I do really like the look of it when I've used it. Unfortunately there are other eye shadows I gravitate towards of a morning. Hopefully this post will inspire me to use it more often. 

Overall, I think this is a really overlooked palette with easy to wear and nicely pigmented neutrals however I wouldn't called it an absolute must have- the hunt for the holy grail palette goes on!

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