Saturday, 25 January 2014

Outfit of the day #3

Primark Necklace- £3
New Look Skirt (Old)
New Look Coat - Sale
Asos shoes-  Canvas version sold out, patent version here
Lips- Sleek Pout Paint in Powder Pink

So if any of you saw yesterdays wishlist, you may have noticed that I have already bought the shirt I featured. My self control is top notch. I wasted no time and have worn it already with, surprise surprise, a black skirt! I'm so imaginative. I just tucked it in at the front so as not to lose the floatiness of the shirt. 
I bought the bowler hat on a mad dash around H&M and I have no regrets. Who knew such a simple accessory could add so much interest to an outfit? Probably lots of people. But it's new to my world and I am welcoming it with open arms. I put the gold chain on because I wear it with everything apparently. I don't think there's many things it doesn't look good with.
This coat is perfect because it is completely plain black so it goes with everything and because it's a boyfriend coat it is really on trend at the moment. I find it to be a really flattering cut as well. These type of coats always add to outfits rather than take anything away. There's nothing worse than having to put on a coat that doesn't quite go with what you're wearing.
The shoes are the same shoes I featured in my first ever outfit of the day which you can find here. I am always slightly nervous to wear these on a day to day basis because of the height of the heel but they are so easy to walk in and I never have any problems.
Moving on to the rings. The little midi ring is one from a Primark set but the real standout piece is the Love/Hate ring which I found for £1 in New Look. Thats right Ladies, £1. I know this won't be a lot of people's cup of tea (I'm pretty sure my mum only pretended to like it) but I think it's so cool. It has 'love' written on one side but when you flip the little heart over it says 'hate'. I wear it with the 'hate' side facing up because I'm so dark and deep. 
On the lips, I slapped on the Sleek Pout Paint in Powder Pink. It's your basic everyday pink but there is something really lovely about the formula. It's a no nonsense lip product that I find really easy to apply and it looks really nice as well. I currently have 2 in my stash and I definitely wouldn't say no to more. 
 This was just a quick little outfit of the day and be sure to look out for some of these items in an upcoming haul! 
Thanks for stopping by. lots of love,

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