Thursday, 25 June 2015

A Shop Dixi Addiction

Xena Triple Ball Wishbone Ring (Sold Out)

I've featured Shop Dixi on my blog before, it's cropped up on my instagram, and I've also tweeted about them too. In case you can't tell, it is my absolute favourite website when it comes to jewellery. Particularly rings as you can probably guess. I realised that I have a nice little collection and it might be nice to show them all together. My first were the garnet ring and the triple ball ring which you can see in my January favourites. I actually broke the triple ball ring because I kept getting it caught on things at work and it turns out it was quite fragile. Whoops. Then I got the Lotus ring which I think is really gorgeous and the milky stone is perfect because it goes with every nail colour because it's not a brightly coloured stone. Unfortunately I can't seem to find it on the website but you can still get the same design with a gorgeous blue topaz stone. My most recent purchases are the La Luna ring, which I love because it looks really simple and elegant and when you look closely you can see the engraving and I really like the moon, and the Wishbone ring which is so dainty and adorable, I've worn it everyday since I got it. 

I love having a few rings from the same place because they all coordinate with each other so you can create amazing stacks but they also work as stand alone pieces. They're also all sterling silver which means you don't have to worry about tarnishing and I honestly don't think I'll ever buy a non-sterling silver ring again. Shop Dixi rings may be more expensive than a ring from Topshop but I think it's a bit of a false economy. After wearing one from Topshop for a couple of months it'll go disgusting and you'll never want to wear it again whereas spending a bit more on real silver will last you forever. If you haven't checked it out before and you're into jewellery I suggest you do it now.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know in the comments if you know of any similar websites. Lots of love, Annie xx

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