Monday, 1 June 2015

May Favourites

Hi everyone and welcome to my first post on my new Macbook pro ohh maaa gaaaahd. I've never had an Apple laptop before so I'm still getting used to it, it actually took me about an hour to figure out how to get pictures on to this post. And seeing the pictures on such a good screen makes me realise how not good my camera is but oh well. On with the post! 
 I mentioned these in my April Look of the Month post and I've continued to use them all throughout May and I really love them. The blush palette has every colour you could need and the eyeshadow palette has the perfect mixture of neutrals and not so neutrals. I've mostly been using the first, second and fourth colour in the matte row and the third shade along in the shimmery row on the bottom. For such a low price the quality is amazing. 
 I gave into the hype with this foundation after hearing 6000 rave reviews about it. And I can honestly say that this has become my new everyday foundation. My Nars foundation hasn't got a look in since I bought this and I am sooooo relieved because this is £7.99 compared to Nars' £32. I'm going to be living off student loans as of September so it's really good to know I can rely on this when I won't be able to indulge on high end makeup anymore. It lasts really well on the skin but isn't drying and I love it! The only thing is that I don't think the shade range is great. My sister won't buy it because she says all the shades have pink undertones and she is much more yellowy so that might be something to consider.
 I've loved having a bit of a tan this month and feel so much more confident with it on. I put it on at night then when I shower in the morning any uneven-ness washes off and it leaves a really natural looking tan. It's expensive but good.
 I've changed my brow routine up this month. I've gone back to the original Soap & Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil which I've really been enjoying as I think it makes my brows more natural looking. Then to set them I've been using this teeny tiny product from Sleek. I prefer it to the L'Oreal plumper I was previously using as I think it sets them into place better.
This necklace came as part of a set of three from Primark for something like £3, it has a little blue stone in and I just think it's really cute. Primark jewellery is pretty hit and miss but I occasionally find something I love and this is one of them. 

That's all for this month. I hope you all had a good month and hopefully see you soon! 
Lots of love, Annie xxx


  1. The Makeup Rev palettes are on my list to buy! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. Eek they're so good! I really recommend them! x

  2. heeey! hope you have a great day! do you want to follow each other via bloglovin? if yes, just follow me there and i'll follow you back soon!

  3. Great favorites! I love the L'oreal foundation too, definitely just as good as the high-end options out there! Thanks for sharing :) xo Krista

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