Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Kiss Trio Lashes

Hi everyone! Today I am going to introduce you to my new favourite thing in the entire world. In the past I have tried full strip lashes. Fail. Individual lashes. Fail. So there I was thinking if only there was an inbetween when I stumbled across these in Superdrug. They're half way between a strip lash and individual lashes which means they are a billion times easier to put on but because they're small they can be really subtle or you can plonk a bunch on and make it more of a dramatic look. You can see them in action in this post. I started out with one long one and one short one on each eye but have ended up putting on up to 4 on each eye. My only complaint is that I wish the pack came with more of the shorter length because they are much more subtle but other than that I am really obsessed with these and can't believe I've never seen these type of eyelashes before. If you're thinking about getting these I just hope we don't frequent the same Superdrug because I cleared them out. My bad! 
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