Tuesday, 31 March 2015

March Favourites

Hi everybody, today I have a very small favourites post for you. There isn't that much new stuff I've been loving in March, especially makeup wise. I'm actually having a bit of a shit makeup month which is annoying but I'll get on with it anyway!
I've said it a million times, my eyelashes are crap I hate them blah blah blah! Hence why I was really interested in trying this out. For a step that most people don't need in their makeup routine it was rather pricey at £20 but I really love it and I'm so glad I bought it. It makes my eyelashes seem so much longer and more fluttery and feathery but the formula is so light that it doesn't look thick or heavy on your lashes. Even though it's adding another product into my morning routine I actually think it's sped up my mascara application because it used to take me so long to put a million layers of mascara on. It is in no way necessary to the majority of people but for me it's a great little product to have.
My next favourite is one of the first clothing items I've featured on my blog in forreveerr. It got too cold to take photos outside (how do fashion bloggers do it?) and there's nowhere decent in my house to take nice photos. But I couldn't not feature these jeans. I can't stop wearing them (as you can tell by the creases and general mess these are in). I feel sad when I can't wear them because people might notice I've worn them 600 days in a row and wonder when I last washed them (I have washed them), they go with everything and I even find them to be flattering on my pear shaped body. Possibly because of the high waistedness? They've sadly already stretched a bit but I'll keep wearing them anyway and have even contemplated buying a second pair... obviously letting everyone know that they are, in fact, a different pair to the ones I've worn everyday for the last 2 weeks. 
My last favourite is this hand chain from Forever 21. I'm obsessed with hand chains at the moment and I think this one is really gorgeous. I love the delicate leaf design and the fact that it has an actual ring at the top makes it even more perfect. I can't stand the ones that just have a loop at the top because they just fall off my finger as soon as my hands are pointing downwards (with my hands by my sides or anything like that). It's silver so goes with all my rings and I just think it's something a bit different. 
I've also been loving a Hamsa Hand necklace I got in Primark but I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops! Anyway that's it for this month. Hopefully next month will be more fruitful in the makeup department. Thanks for stopping by, lots of love,


  1. Love the forever 21 hand chain! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. I love the jeans! They are so stylish. x