Thursday, 28 August 2014

The 'I didn't like you at first but now I'm obsessed' Product

First of all, I would like to apologise for presenting to you the ugliest looking lipstick of all time. The lid is cracked in two places (cue lost lid in bag everyday) and the stub that's left is performing a precarious balancing act which will see Plumful meet it's inevitable demise. It will be a dark day in my life. However I didn't always feel this way (plot twist). When I first got it, although I loved the scent and the way it glides on like no other lipsticks do, I didn't think that much of the colour and I felt like it disappeared from my lips really quickly. 
How could I have been so wrong? The colour is perfect for this time of year when you're all ready for the plums of autumn and winter but you feel like a traitor because it's still August and you shouldn't wish summer away like that. This lipstick has just the right mix of pink and plum shades to allow you to get your autumnal fix whilst we're still technically in summer. But what I got most wrong was that it wears off quickly. Did I have different lips back then or something? Whilst the intense colour is naturally going to wear off, it leaves a really nice stain. I am writing this in the evening with a darkish pink stain still sitting pretty on my naturally un-pigmented lips.
So the moral of the story kids! First impressions don't always count... or something like that. 
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