Monday, 18 August 2014

New York Haul #2: Sephora etc

yeeaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh boi here we go again.
This was the big daddy purchase of the trip. It still works out as cheaper than here but it will always feel like a lot of money to hand over. I got the shade deauville which is fine but I wouldn't mind it being a tiny bit lighter. Bit of blending down the neck though and everything is fine.
Another very expensive purchase which I would never have considered if I wasn't on holiday. I threw caution to the wind that day in Sephora and it was glorious. 
Whatever you've heard about this eyeliner, I can confirm it is all true. It's amazing. That is all.
This was one of the products I really wanted to get whilst in America and I'm glad I did. Drawing lines on ones face is strangely satisfying.
We went into Century 21 on one of the first days and I decided to finally fill my MAC palette with 2 new shades. They're both warm toned and go really nicely together. I'm really pleased with them and kind of wish I'd bought more MAC things as I've had my eye on a few lipsticks for a while now. 
I actually bought this on the plane on the way home. I still had dollars left over and it looked really nice. The eyeshadows themselves are a really lovely formula and the colours are neutral and easy to use yet also really unique as well. 

That's it, ladies and gentlemen, all the makeup I bought in New York. I could have bought so much more but there has to be some moderation, people.
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