Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Outfit of the Day #15

H&M Patterned Top- £8.99
Primark Nails- £1

Question (tell me what you think about me)? How do people end up with like 20 good outfit photos? And they can't decide which ones to use? It is nighe-on impossible for me to get one decent one!
Anyway welcome to my outfit of the day! I bought this co-ords set from H&M a good few weeks ago now. They are sold separately but are pretty darn cheap if you ask me. I've worn this outfit on a night out and it's perfect for summery days as well so it's an all round winner. My only quibble is that the skirt is really really short. Bending over is a big no no. Also I wouldn't feel comfortable not wearing tights with a skirt this short so maybe not that good for summer days after all. Good thinking Aitch and Em.
My shoes were bought in the Office sale after my Topshop shoes fell apart (noooooooooooooooo). They are described as a 90's grungy style mid heel therefore I am on board.
I also wanted to give a quick mention to these nails from Primark. They're such a nice colour without any of those tacky patterns on that lots of the Primark nails have.
Thanks for stopping by! Lots of love,

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