Friday, 6 June 2014

Review: Bleach London Swamp Spritz Texturising Spray

I'm all about the reviews lately! I've mentioned this before on my blog but I have very damaged hair through years of refusing to accept my natural hair. So naturally I'm really drawn to products that claim to 'repair 200 years of damage in 0.2 seconds'. My hair has seen many masks and leave in conditioners in its time but I'm finding that it makes my hair really flat; it's almost too soft and moisturised (even though the ends still look terrible). I find it really hard to get volume and keep volume. Enter Bleach Swamp Spritz. The first thing that attracted me to this product was the packaging, it looks infinitely cooler than any hair styling item I have ever owned. But what I'm really interested in is if it works. I use this spray on damp hair and I don't hold back. Many, many spritz later (although it is possible to go over the top with this) and after working it into my roots I start drying it with my hairdryer scrunching and twisting my hair as I go. I find that this really helps to get those natural beach waves. Once your hair is dry you can really tell where this product has done it's work. It leaves the hair feeling matte and almost on the verge of sticky. It's not a 'run your hands through your hair' kind of texture but it's exactly what I hoped I'd achieve from this product. It kind of separates the hair giving it more volume and it creates waves that are very reminiscent of my hair when it dries after being in the sea (think Diana Ross). However the bits that dry straight balance out the curlier bits. I also find that my hair stays quite voluminous throughout the day and if it does drop a little, a quick 'tszuj' always helps. Obviously I have short to medium length hair so I don't know how this will work on longer hair but I think this does exactly what it says on the very cool bottle.
Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments if you've tried this!
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