Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Favourites

I have absolutely fallen in love with this moisturiser this month, I just bought my second pot the other day. It's a thick cream that I use morning and night and despite it's thickness it sinks in to the skin really quickly so I'm not sitting around waiting to put my foundation on. If you have issues with dry skin I definitely recommend this. 
 Asos Sunglasses (out of stock, oops :()
Miraculously it's been quite sunny this month so at every opportunity I've been cracking out the sunglasses. I bought these from Asos for £12 which I think is a really decent price. They have a really wide frame which I prefer because I have quite a big face, so a bigger frame makes my face look smaller, right?
I'm back into eyeliner. In a big way. I went off it for a such a long time but I can't resist doing it most days now and I've gone back to my old love for achieving the feline flick. The Collection liquid eyeliner is £2.99 but beats any pen or gel eyeliner I've ever used. I started using this in something like year 8 (12/13 years old) and it's still my favourite. It's got quite a long stick which can be hard to get used to but the end of the applicator is thin and sharp and makes for precise lining. The formula is intensely black and stays on all day as well. Even when I'm not doing eyeliner on the regular this is a permanent fixture in my makeup collection.
H&M Necklace 
I always feature a piece of jewellery in my favourites and this month I've loved this necklace from H&M. I actually don't rate H&M jewellery at all, it tarnishes like craazzyyy and some of the pieces look cheap and tacky but I think the smaller, daintier items can be better. I rate the H&M website even less than the jewellery, nothing is ever on there so I can't link it but it also came in gold and rose gold I think. I went for silver because it goes with my rings and I like to wear this with black high necked tops so it stands out. 

That's all for this month. I'm going to make a real effort to have more favourites next month. I love loads of things I promise! Anyway thanks for stopping by, lots of love,

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