Saturday, 28 February 2015

February Favourites

This month I decided to buy to the Vagabond Dioon Ankle Boots as a 'getting into uni' present to myself. They were extremely pricey but I'd been lusting after them for so long, like I'd be sitting on my laptop with the Urban Outfitters website open in another tab so I could just keep looking at them. Sad but true. Luckily I had a 20% off code so they were £72 rather than £90. I was saving money really. Anyway I absolutely love them, they're the kind of boot that will work all year round and make any outfit feel instantly cooler. I love the extra bit of height they give me and I just think they're a classic black boot. 
I bought this forever ago and used it about once, wasn't crazy about it and it got pushed to the bottom of a pot of brushes. Then when dry skin-gate hit me this month I randomly decided to give it another try. And oh em gee it's incredible. It makes foundation go on so beautifully. It looks natural and dewy and more flawless than with any brush I've ever used. I'm using it for both foundation and concealer and I'm so happy I decided to give this another try.
 Maybelline Lash Sensational Lash Multiplying Mascara
Unfortunately I haven't been blessed with amazing eyelashes and no amount of mascara will change that but I've been really enjoying using this one this month, I'm actually on to my second bottle (?) already. It's not that it makes my eyelashes super long or super thick but I don't absolutely hate the task of putting it on of a morning. It's not holy grail but I'm going to keep using it for now since it's well priced and a good mascara. I also really like the packaging. So much classier than the usually garish Maybelline packaging.
Illasmasqua Eyebrow Cake in Thunder 
or Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette in Semblance
I bought this palette in the Illamasqua sale for £13.50 and the standout product for me (aside from the Hollow Cream Pigment which I have and use everyday and also comes in the palette) is the Eyebrow Cake in Thunder in the right corner. It looks like it would be way too much of a warm brown for my eyebrows but it actually comes out more more ashy than in the pan. I've been using an angled brush to put this through the brows then using my Soap & Glory Pencil for more precision around the edges but they go amazingly together and I think my eyebrows are looking pretty good at the moment (but you never really know until you look back in a couple of months and wonder what you were thinking).

Not too many favourites this month but I'm still loving everything I was loving in January so you can check them out here. Thanks for stopping by, lots of love,


  1. I've been meaning to get a real techniques mineral complexion sponge and now you've mentioned it worked a treat with you haven't dry skin i think i will have to! My skins so dry at the minute and sometimes buffing with a brush doesn't help! thanks for the inspiration and great post. I need to try the mascara too, love a good maybelline mascara.

    1. I really recommend it! None of my brushes were working for me and this is the only thing that worked! Thank you and me too :) xx

  2. I've just bought that mascara. I haven't used it yet but i'm really excited to! Great post x