Saturday, 31 January 2015

January Favourites

I got this for Christmas and I have used it almost everyday since. I'm slightly concerned by the large dip already forming in the champagne colour as I use this all over the lid even when I'm not using the other colours in the palette.
This was also a Christmas present but I didn't receive it until around mid-January. However it was definitely worth the wait as I am obsessed with this watch. It's so simple and elegant and I love the large face. It's the kind of thing I get excited about putting on every morning.
For some reason I have never really been one for perfume. I can never smell it on myself and rarely on other people so I always decided to give it a miss. However recently I've fallen into the trap and bought Molecule 01. I like the whole smelling different on everyone concept and my sister has it and loves it. My favourite thing about this perfume is how long it lasts. I get whiffs of this on myself literally hours after putting it on which is something I've never experienced with perfume before. It's now a step I refuse to miss out before leaving the house.
When it comes to jewellery, rings are probably my biggest weakness. I was lusting after everything on Shop Dixi for weeks as their rings are unlike any I've seen in any shops or on any other websites. I finally took the plunge with the Crux Garnet ring. I was also buying one for my Mum for her birthday and then added the Xena ring to get free delivery. I think the rings really complement each other when worn next to each other but I also love that I could buy any other ring off the website and know it would look good with the ones I already have. Something to note however is that the garnet in the Crux ring is very dark, and only looks red in certain lights.
This is one of the only things I bought from the January sales and it's from Mango, a shop I rarely go in but I was pleasantly surprised by their sale. It's a rose gold pendant on a gold chain and I love the simplicity of it but it's still interesting to look at. It's now only £3.99 and is still available on the website. 
I know everyone has talked about these including myself but I honestly can't get enough of this particular shade. It's the perfect pink because it's not too bright but makes a feature of the lips. I find it goes with every eye look and I absolutely love the matte formula. 

I could have picked so many favourites this month but I've hopefully kept it to a decent size. I hope you enjoyed seeing my top picks for January!
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  1. This is such a gorgeous selection! I love the Charlotte Tilbury palette and DW watch especially.

    Catherine, xo || Lady Liquor

  2. The eyeshadows look stunning! Loving the rings too! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. They are as gorgeous as they look! Thanks :) xx

  3. You have some stunning jewellery and the eyeshadows look lovely too! Great post x